Tutorials 2

Tutorials are available for some of the commonly used tools that you might use. Links to other resources are available on the pages for each. These are separated out into editors, python, and utilities.

  • editors
    • emacs
    • vim
  • python: covers very basic concepts for python and links are provided to other more in-depth resources
  • utilities
    • command line: covers some basic commands in the command line (a.k.a. shell, terminal) that should be useful
    • git: goes over the basics of the git version control system that is helpful not only for communicating software to the world, but helpful for organizing your own development

To request a tutorial, bring it up in class, or leave a comment.

I can also recommend, if you are looking for just general computing resources, Practical Computing for Biologists by Haddock and Dunn. It has many of the topics that would be covered in the tutorials covered in more depth and other topics that may be useful but not relevant to the course.

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